Subject: Seattle restaurants
Hi Sally, I can make some suggestions in Seattle! Across the street from Swedish Memorial (On Broadway) is a wonderful little place called YaSukos, it is a fabulous Vietnamese place, and very popular among the locals. Also there is a nice Italian Deli called Torinos on Madison ( at first hill). A great Southwestern place called Cactus is also on Madison down at Lake Washington that I really enjoyed! An absolute gem of a restaurant is called McSorleys and you guessed it, it is also on Madison but this place is way down by the waterfront. This place is packed at lunch, that's how I found it. The best inexpensive lunch in all of Seattle including fresh made bread, fresh lemonade, cakes, soups and all for around 3 bucks. Then there is the all the wonderful, mouthwatering ethnic restaurants the line the street that parallels Pikes Market.......... Hard describing this as I am on a diet! Well sally all my places lean toward the funky, you know me :) Better stop now, hungry! Amelia