Subject: Report on Trip to Poland
I'm back from my food research trip to Poland, and thought you might be interested in a few of my general impressions.

My husband and I got around by rental car or by train, though primarily the former, driving 2500+ kilometers. We saw much of the countryside, now ablaze with blossoming rapeseed.

The cities we visited, most particularly their old town segments, were exciting and thankfully not overrun with tourists, although that will surely happen soon as word gets out about the pleasures of traveling in Poland. Contrary to general thought, $ was readily available at ATM's, the drivers weren't any crazier than elsewhere and an awful lot of folks speak English, especially the under 25 year olds, or at least understand it.

And the food? Well, it surely wasn't all meat and potatoes. We ate so many different delicious dishes and so often! We ate in homes, karczmas (sorry for the English pluralization) and restaurants--even some of the super posh ones to make sure we didn't miss anything.

Outdoor markets everywhere were well stocked with food. We visited the wholesale market in Poznan (Franowo), which apparently is the biggest and most successful in the country. It's huge, and a flurry of activity. It opens at 2AM, but we showed up several hours later. The immense indoor market (Hala Targowa) in Wroclaw was a food photographer's dream!

The Poles we met everywhere were hospitable and gracious.

Kind regards, Joan Peterson