Subject: Amsterdam Hotels
There is nowhere in Amsterdam that is dangerous, just colorful! Damrak is a street alive and teeming with people from all walks of life, I would not miss it! On that street is a torture museum and don't laugh, it is an interesting place. Next store is the sex Museum, another interesting place and completely an Amsterdam experience. Do not miss the Red Light District, it is interesting and sobering, at the same time.

I highly recommend staying at the hotel Ambassade, it is a beautiful Canal house on a main canal right off the Leidesplein. Very Dutch. Very wonderful location. Don't forget to grab a bike for a truly adventurous experience and hit the streets! The Ambassade is close to the Anne Frank House! Please go with an open mind, that way you will fit right in with the Dutch, whom are lovely and tolerant people!

Cheers, Amelia