Subject: Boston, Cape Cod, Salem &Maine
I'll add my 2 cents worth here. I haven' lived in Boston since college days, though I've visited since then. Here are places that I always like to return to (touristy or not):

Freedom trail--A fun way to see the city's historical highlights, and a nice walk. Beacon Hill and Back Bay--my old haunts, but they are neighborhoods filled with history and charm. I would advise against the Bull and Finch Pub (pub which was the basis for the TV series Cheers--unless they have drastically changed since the series went off the air.) North End--a lovely neighborhood, and certainly has more of an Old World feel than the equivalent in San Francisco (where I live now); I still enjoy visiting the Old North Church and learning about Paul Revere Harvard Square--filled with students and tourists, but still a lively place to just hang out--I heard to Coop is no longer. Can any Bostonians on this list clue me it?

Places I don't bother to return to:

Faneuil Hall Chinatown (can't compare to San Francisco's, but still worth it for the food) Filene's/ Downtown Crossing