Subject: [Fwd: Bilbao and the Guggenheim]
Hi Ziners, Some of you may be interested in this information picked up in a newsgroup. Linda

Lilian Oswaldo Cruz wrote:

> Those of you who have gawked at the spiral architecture of the
> Guggenheim Museum in New York will not be disapointed with its
> cousin in Spain! Bilbao, the Basque capital in the north of Spain
> is still reeling under the impact of this ultra modern edifice.
> It is referred to as the spaceship, the will probably
> find your own interpretation of the building. Susan d'Arcy in the
> Sunday Times explains: It is possibly the only museum in the
> world that is more about the bricks and mortar than the art
> displayed within. In fact the design has the impudent intention
> of preventing you from suffering from art overload!. There are
> 19 galleries to visit, but after each visit you must return to the
> centre atrium, a soaring, curving glass and brick structure
> temperature controlled for both works of art and art lovers! But
> Bilbao, even though the Guggen is the talk of the moment, is not
> restricted to museums. There is plenty to see in the quaint
> streets of its old town (small compared to the modern town, only 7
> streets). Go to Plaza Nueva and have some pintxos (tapas) at an
> outdoor café and watch the people stroll around! By all means
> drink the local wine...Rioja! Or, why not try the local green
> wine, txacoli! And to eat...anything as long as it is from the
> sea!!! If you are there in the evening it is magical. Visit the
> gothic Cathedral of Santiago, built in the 14th century, and which
> used to be the gateway to the neighborhood. If, on the other
> hand, it is a Saturday, you must visit the Mercado, Spain's
> largets covered market, a 1930's 3 storeyed building, where you
> can find any and every form of edibles under the sun! If you have
> time...and a car...why not explore the countryside around Bilbao.
> The Ebro valley is Rioja country and of an incredible beauty. Not
> only the medieval walled towns with geranium covered balconies,
> but the rugged beauty of its white mountain outcrops. Wether you
> just visit Bilbao, or take in the surrounding country (you could
> also visit the beach resort of San Sebastian, worthwhile!) you
> will not regret a visit to northern Spain. It is quite a change
> from the Costas...but, in my view, just as much enjoyable!

> Lilian