Subject: Re: Recent Trip to Italy (Naples area)
Oh did this bring back memories!! My cab memories were of Roma! Same idea though. we were warned that traffic lights were a suggestion only! LOL Our cab ride to St. Peter's one morning was particularly enlightening when our driver got into an arguement out his window with a business man on a moped! LOL they were cursing back and forth in Italian (we were four women on our way to the Square in hopes of seing the Pope, by the way, which we did!) The moped driver eventually spit backwards at the cab driver but the wind caused it to land on his own suede jacket and we all just hooted with laughter!

The funicular, well it really was just a cable chair lift up the side of Monte Solaro from Anacapri. It's a 12 minute ride up to the top of the mountain and you sit there in a little metal chair with the ocean (Bay of Naples by the Sorrento Peninsula) at your right as you are pulled up across steep territory filled with vineyards and gardens. Only half way up we noticed a black cloud over the Bay and lightening strike the water. We're sitting on what is basically a lightening rod, all metal with 5 minutes or so left to get to the top! Yes we made it! They stopped the cable lifts until the storm passed, which it did, but on the other side of the island. It didn't rain at all up on the mountain top inside the look off shelter!