Subject: Introduction
Hi ...

I have just discovered the Travelzine and since both my husband I love to travel, it seems perfect for us. We usually try to take one big trip each year along with several smaller ones. Last year we went to Iceland and Denmark and this year, we are planning on going to Malta.

I am retired from 30 years the PC industry, and my husband is a physician in New York City. We have been married for a year a half and between us have four children (two daughters and two sons) who are spread all over the country (North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado and New York) and one and a half grandchildren (twins due on October) . My work as a system engineer involved a great deal of travel which I loved. I had the opportunity to spend time in Japan, Thailand and Australia as well as extensive US travel. The resulting frequent flier miles were wonderful!!

I look forward to learning a great deal from this group and hope I will be able to contribute a bit also.