Subject: Travel Clothing
Hello. I am new to the list. Planning a fall trip to Europe and wish to travel super light. Has anyone experience wearing and washing out any of the special travel clothing, offered by Tilley's or Travelsmith? I am wanting a couple of outfits, pants, tops in dark colors that are lightweight and can be washed and dried overnite in a hotel sink. Althought I live in New York City I have not been able to find these items in stores to check them out -- only on their Internet shopping sites.

Traveling light is a passion with me as I get older and older. I am now almost 70 and travel alone -- I hope to do this trip with a large book bag only for luggage so I can negotiate the many steps, etc. in Italy and elsewhere with ease. I also tend to stay in very inexpensive hotels, many of which are a few floors up. Of course, I would like to be nicely dressed or at the least not look scruffy.

Any hints on specific clothing that will fill the bill will be appreciated.