Subject: Re: Nova Scotia and hello to Martha
Hi Patrick,

I don't know about the rest of the Ziners, but I have wanted to visit Nova Scotia for a long time. Allen has never been especially interested in going there. So when we started talking separate vacations it was a natural destination for me. As for the time of year - it is always my favorite travel time and I will have, I hope, the added bonus of the fall colors. Nova Scotia has been getting a lot of coverage this year in the travel press here in the USA. I have talked to several people who have gone there and they are all impressed. One friend told me to be sure that I didn't make this one of my camera-free trips.

An additional factor is that the US to Canadian dollar rate is very favorable to USAmericans so Canada is a good destination for us.

And, I'm told by a fisherman friend, the fishing is good.

And, I'm using frequent flyer miles and it's about as far as I can go from LA and still be on a domestic flight. I'm flying into Hartford to visit with friends and family for part of the trip and also because I want the drive up the Maine coast.

Martha in Ventura