Subject: Re: [ Travel Clothing]
I managed a 6 month trip to South America with a 28 litre day bag which weighed about 9kg (sorry don't know the imperial measures! ). The trick is layer, layer layer! I don't know your American brands but you need a pair of travel pants which have quite a high percentage of man-made fibre ie they are light, water repellent and can be washed in a sink. Also a good set of long john type thermal underwear (tops &bottom). I always wear silk blouses - they are wonderful to wash - and given a bit of an iron ( or careful drip dry) they actually look good. On top of this I wear a fine wool (merino) jumper (jersey) - not bulky but warm (a better bet than polar fleece which is too bulky) &then a windproof jacket over the top. This was OK (I wouldnt say I was warm) in Patagonia in the summer (about 8C) and Turkey in the Spring (about the same &raining). It is better to travel alone - even my brother got totally tired off seeing you in the same clothes all the time ! Dark clothes are a must. I also add a swimsuit and a sarong - great for washing day (or the beach even! ). A pack towel, minimal toiletries, 2 or 3 books, a pair of sandles and a pair of walking shoes (which dont fit in the bag they have to be on my feet), contact lens solution, suntan lotion, diary, paper, sleeping bag, underwear, sox. Yes it does all fit!

Good luck Liz New Zealand