Subject: Florence and ????
Dear Rita, Might I suggest a route for your travel in Italy? Florence ( have a look at the two portraits of Federico da Montelfeltro and Battista Sforza by Piero della Francesca at Uffizi), then follow Piero's traces from Florence back to Urbino , the capital of Federico and Battista's dukedom. In their palace, which is now the national Gallery of Le Marche, you can admire the most famous and, perhaps, mysterious painting of Piero La Flagellazione. On your way, stay at Arezzo, visit S. Francesco Church, go to Sansepolcro ( Noli me tangere. Madonna della Misericordia, La Resurrezione), Monterchi (Madonna del Parto). Then through the passes of the Appennines overgrown with huge woods, where the new spirit together with the waters of rivers was flowing along the valleys in the Marche down and down as far as Urbino and the Adriatic Sea, and from there it had to come back again being richer in abundant, deep, new lymps have a rest in Urbino, the birthplace of Raffaello. Here you can also visit the house where he was born and.......( have a look at also try to post a map for your yourney at the Travelzine shared file area.

Grazia - Urbino-