Subject: Favourite Paris Restaurants
Good morning, Ziners - it's been some time since I've been to Paris but we actually have two Paris favourites. Chez Tante Louise is still around and the other is Le Pre Carre. We had a most memorable dinner at Le Pre and found out about a year after we dined there that it was owned by the French actress, Jeanne Moreau and was written up in Bon Appetit. We discovered it quite by accident while out for a stroll - I believe it's on a street behind the Hotel PLM St. Jacques where we were staying.

Rob Wells of the FoodWine list posted the following about Chez Tante Louise about six or seven months ago:

I forget who was asking about Chez Tante Louise but this week's Pariscope contains a small review of it calling it one of their Stars of the RentrČe.

Here's the review in its entirety:

Tante Louise. 41 rue Boissy d'Anglas, 8th ( Metro Madeleine. Mon-Fri noon-2.30pm, 7-10pm. Avg 250F, prix fixe 190F. Three-star chef Bernard Loiseau has transformed this endearing bourgeois

classic into a bastion of traditional Burgundian cooking. Wisely leaving

the 30s decor almost untouched, he has launched a menu of nicely cooked old-fashioned dishes like oeufs en meurette a la bourguignonne (poached eggs in red wine sauce with bacon) to start, followed by the wonderfully

rich sole Tante Louise (with the fish placed on a bed of duxelles mushrooms), braised beef with caramelised carrots and free-range chicken in a sauce of Xeres vinegar. Nice selection of Burgundies.

It certainly warrants another trip when I get back to Paris, hopefully within the next several years. A dear friend of mine has invited me to go to Germany with her next fall. She is originally from Munich and her sister and family are still there so we will have free accommodation and will attend Oktoberfest which is something I've always wanted to do.