Subject: LA/Getty/Manhattan Beach
Since last checking in, I've made two quick trips to the LA area and went to the Getty both times. It is most enjoyable, but what stands out in my mind is the actual building and not the exhibits inside. Does anyone feel this way

Stayed at the Barnaby Hotel in Manhatten Beach...still on surfact a great hotel but the aging facade is starting to show. Too bad, it is a great location. It is a bit like the fading film star who doesn't know the day is gone....wonder if that would make a good film? Anyway, the rooms are still comfortable, although not everything works, (like lamps and toilets). The help in the eating areas need to be taught that the customers are there to be looked after...we went to tea twice and once seated, were just ignored. However, having now been critical, let me say that I would return...wonderfully comfortable bed, balcony over garden that was splendid for a lazy time reading in the cool air, Sunday brunch exceptional and other than the help in the cafe area, the staff was gracious and helpful. There is a shopping center right across the street and the airport is about two miles away. So, the good outweighs the bad.

Beth Sloan