Subject: Re: Paris questions
Hi Jan,

KahluaCody wrote:

> We have a Europass and also seat reservations already. I just wondered if there were other things I needed to know - dining, etc. Do people bring picnics on the train - is it
> allowed?

Picnics on the trains are permitted and wise as the food onboard is mundane and expensive.

> We will be based in Lucerne for three days and will have 3 days left over
> from our railpass. Does anyone have any suggestions? I understand the
> railpass can be used on the boats in Switzerland too.

According to the documentation we received from Railpass Express :

In Switzerland: - Regular steamer service on the Lakes of Geneva, Luzern, Thun, Brienz, Zurich, Neuchatel, Biel, Murten, on the Rhine between Schaffhausen and Kreuzlingen and on the Aare between Biel and Solothurn. These are seasonal services, so please consult timetables.

You may wish to read the Switzerland 96 travelogue posted on our web site for our personal opinions and ideas.

Linda&Don Toronto