Subject: Re: InterCity, EuroCity Trains in Venice, Milan
Hi Helen,

EC and IC trains do require a supplement, but that supplement is included in the price of your pass. When reservations are recommended, it is not the same as required. The worst case scenario is that you won't get seats (if all others have been reserved). But you can sit on your suitcase, if need be. You'll still get where you're going.

Our advice would be to wait until you get to Europe and make your reservations, if you want them, immediately upon arrival. You can make all your reservations in any country covered by your passes. And they are much less costly when you make the reservations there, as opposed to here.

We have used Rail Pass Express for our passes. They are very good about answering questions - and they've got an award-winning web site with a cafe you can visit to ask questions and get expert advice. We've tried that and it works like a charm.

Linda&Don Toronto