Subject: Autobahn, Germany
The good news: no tolls.

They're easy to drive on, but you do want to follow the rules, particularly about staying to the right. _No_ _one_ hangs out in the left hand lane in Germany unless they're passing. It's also illegal to run out of gas on the autobahns. Many other rules

You'll find our (favorable) impressions of driving on the German autobahns at as well as some links to other quite helpful sites on the subject.

> We will be based in Lucerne for three days and will have 3 days left over
> from our railpass.

For an excursion, spend a day going down to the Jungfrau region and enjoying a trip up to the Schilthorn. (Your Eurail pass will get you as far as Interlaken and you'll get a 25% discount on the routes beyond.) Suggestion for how to spend that day at

The lake (Vierwaldstaettersee or Lake Luzern) is splendid, and, yes, your pass does cover it.

The Transportation Museum (Verkehrshaus) is the best in Europe and one of the top ones in the US if that interests you.

Be sure and see the Lion Monument, and of course the covered bridges, city walls and the gaily painted half timbered buildings in the old city.

If you don't get down to the Jungfrau area, make the excursion to the top of nearby Mt. Pilatus. Not an 'alp' per se, but a great view of the lake and the city. You can do a circle trip going by boat to Alpnachstad and taking the rackrail (steepest in Europe) up and the cable cars down to Kriens on the way back, taking the tram (or bus now?) back to the city. Can do in reverse of course.

You'll enjoy the city and whatever excursions and walks you decide to do.

You'll find a bit more info about Luzern at and (the last a brand new page.)