Subject: Re: Dominica
Its not too much of an experience in relation to time but I spent a few hours on Dominica courtesy of a cruise stop in 1995. Beautiful island - mountainous, dense rain-forest foliage, little tourism. It is not a huge cruise port nor are there extensive facilities (hotels, et al) to support tourism which is a plus for getting a true Caribbean experience. The small capitol of Rosseau is just what you imagine a Caribbe island 'city' should be. For a natural history buff this seems to be a great island to explore both for marine life and inland rain forest. There are hiking trails throughout the island with a few guest houses inland to lodge at. Be prepared to get rained upon! Dominca has a strong cultural heritage as well with a 'cultural' center that performs their historical dances and music.

Cynthia Kilian in Woodstock, Illinois USA