Subject: Bavarian Alps
Dear Dave,

My favorite spot in the world is the Bavarian Alps around Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It's about an hour's train ride from Munich bahnhof. There are wonderful hiking trails, well-kept, because the Germans take their hiking seriously. I stay at Altes Forst Haus which is in the tiny village of Klais (yes, the train goes there from Garmisch...about 10 minutes) Margret &Paul Hien, Altes Forst Haus' owners, have made their B & B into holiday apts with a bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom & balcony for about $30-40 per person per night. The balcony looks out on the beautiful mountains. It would be a wonderful vacation from your vacation. There is a small lake for swimming about 2 km from Altes Forst Haus. A bonus is the terrific concerts in the flower-filled Garmisch Kurpark.

I'd be glad to provide a phone # if you're interested.

Your trip sounds ambitious. Hope you have a wonderful time. Beware, travel is addictive.