Subject: Airfare from Alaska
In response to John Rule's question...

Yes, Juneau, Alaska, has an extensive ice field on one side and the ocean on the other so driving in is not an option. Alaska Air is the only major airline flying into Juneau and they epitomize the very worst definition of monopoly. They do, indeed, have us by the gonads...

I believe there are, however, 'cheaper' flights throughout the summer months that go out in the middle of the night. This would probably be your friends best bet.

Since all flights out of Juneau (heading south) stop in Seattle, I subscribe to (gives the good flight deals, once a week, out of target cities) and selected Seattle and Los Angeles as my departure cities. (Portland, OR, would work for Juneau, too) Cheaper flights to/from Juneau come up when available (cheaper flights to/from Mexico come up quite often).

The 3 day ferry ride up from Bellingham, Washington, is initially less expensive but three days worth of eating, drinking, etc. can add up, too. However, this is something your friend will definitely have to do at some point (when he has the time) to know Southeast Alaska better.

If your friend needs any more info, on this or anything, tell him to look me up in the phone book and give a call.

Carol in Juneau