Subject: Airfare from Alaska...
We took the Alaskan ferry last year to Juneau, the second voyage for the new oceangoing ferry. Since we made our plans late, we didn't have a stateroom, slept on the deck in the aft lounge. Probably not too bad if you are younger than we are (early 60's). There aren't any seats worth trying to sleep in. Food was OK and reasonable. They did take major credit cards, a gamble fro the ferry service since they can't call and confirm your purchase.

There are small staterooms, lets call them sleeping compartments. They get booked way ahead of time. However standby is worth trying if all cabins are booked.

The ferry goes in and out of the small coastal towns at sometimes inconvienient times of day depending upon the schedule. We got into Juneau at 6am and arrived at our bed and breakfast before anybody was awake! Layovers are short.