Subject: India and Singapore
I'll be setting no mail in a few days time, packing the cameras and flinging a few clothes in my backpack. It's time to travel again.

I'm off to India for four weeks leading a photographic tour over the Himalaya. Old Travel-Llers will have read a mention about it before. >From Delhi we quickly escape the steamy heat of the monsoons and flee to the rarified atmospher of the Himalayan foothills. Then tackling several of the higher road passes in the world we travel to Leh, a truly individual destination. Kashmir was our next stop but the Indian-Pakistani conflict is too dangerous to ignore so it'll be a backtrack to Manali and then off to Dharamsala. We hope to see the Dalai Lama if he's in town.

Before India I've got ten hours in Sinapore. I'm thinking of writing an article on the lines of:- Singapore, seen it all before, what else can I do in 10 hours.

Any suggestions?

PS I've put a few photos of India on the shared files, hope to do it correctly first time. Patrick Horton Writer and Photographer, Melbourne, Australia