Subject: Driving in Sicily
Hi Rick,

Sicily is one of my preferred region in Italy. I went in Sicily 4 time, last one was 2 years ago. I agree with Flavio: It is not difficult drive in Sicily.

You'll find difficult parking in Taormina down town but you'll can park out down town then walk in (it is not very big but is very nice walk trough the center).

About food and delicatessen, I suggest the Cassata siciliana and cannoli siciliani (as pastry), granita sicily style, pasta alla sarde (is a pasta sicily style), and arancini (are a fried rice balls).

About the trip, if you like nature, you don't skip a visit of mount Etna (the Sicily volcano). I love very much Siracusa, the Ortigia Island is very nice. I suggest you to spend at least 2 full day visiting Siracusa and ruins of Eurialo castle (close Siracusa).

You could visit Noto, it is named the barocco style capital but, unfortunately, it is a bit in way to ruin, this is the problem of Italy: there are too many nice monument but the budget of ambient ministry is very slim! :(

You could visit Palazzolo Acreide and Ragusa, they are a quite nice town. Close Marina di Ragusa, just on the beach, there is a small but very nice museum: in the sea just in front of Marina di Ragusa, many roman ships was sink with many treasures; in the museum you'll see many of this treasures! It is wonderful!

You can not lose a visit of the roman palace del Casale near Piazza Armerina (III century A.C.). There are the best preserved roman mosaic of the world: in all the rooms there are a mosaic floor.

Few kilometers from Siracusa, there is a canyon where is found a necropolis (about X century B.C.), is name is Necropoli di Pantalica.

At last, if you don't think to visit Sicily another time, you have to visit the Agrigento Temples Valley (Agrigento is on the south back of Sicily and quite far from Siracusa). There are some Greek temple on the hill just around the city. On the night it is wonderful.

About museum, visit the archeological museum of Siracusa and Agrigento. In Sicily many museums and archeological sites are free!

Have a good time in Sicily.

N.B. I think that visit Sicily in September is a good idea. You'll find fine and warm weather.

Marco in Milan (Italy).