Subject: Singapore & surrounds

Considering the number of times you have been in Singapore, I'm sure you have done all there is to be done on the main island. Have you considered spending a couple of hours doing the Southern Islands like Kusu Island and St John's Island both about 45 minutes south of Singapore? They have regular ferry schedules leaving from the World Trade Centre and cost less than coffee at Starbucks. They are both relatively deserted but have quite a picnic/seaside crowd over the weekends. This wll easily take up 4 hours.

And since you are in the World Trade Centre area, a short cab ride away is Labrador Park, one of the best places to take photographs of the Singapore harbour as it overlooks the entry of the harbour, an area called 'Dragon's Tooth Gate'.

And since I'm at it, I've spoken to the Chef Concierge at the Westin and she can take you up to the helipad should you wish to take photographs from there weather permitting, or if you wish to do it indoors, one of the rooms on the higher floors of the Westin Stamford. She will be in from 11am onward. Please let me know when you would like me to arrange for the shooting time.

See you soon, Edmund in Singapore