Subject: Napa Valley - tasting fees
I offer this as an example of the fees charged. I was in Napa last November and did a couple of wineries on the Silverado trail just outside of Yountville. At Mumm Cellars (sparkling wine - very interesting tour BTW) you sit in their cafe and order from a menu. One option for $7.50 is three small glasses of their most typical 'champagnes' - about 3 ounces of each. Or you can have one full glass of a more premium wine for around $6.50.

At Rutherford Hill you had two options. For $4.00 you could taste 5 half-glasses (around 3 ounces) of various typical wines (chardonnay, merlot, gewurztraminer) and then keep the souvenier glass embossed with the winery's logo. Or for $8.00 try 5 of their premium wines and keep the glass.

In the town of Yountville itself their were wine shops that had tastings as well and these were generally $1 - $2 for a small glass of wine.

Cynthia Kilian in Woodstock, Illinois USA