Subject: Napa Valley, Sonoma & Central Coast
Definately. There are a lot of great small wineries on Highway 128, on both sides of 101, and on the west side around Healdsburg. Their wines are great, they are glad to see you, and it is uncrowded.

Unless things have changed recently, the Napa Valley train in fact does not stop and let people off, but runs up and back with dinner and wines on board. Volume wise, it doesn't count for a great percentage of the tourists. We asked one of the wineries several years ago and they told us that they started charging during a sever drought, when they couldn't wash all the glasses. It was either plastic or give the people glasses; since they couldn't afford the latter, they charged. Then the number of tourists increased, particularly those who drive the main roads, drink and never buy, and they felt they had to charge to control things.

Jerry and Mary Coleman (in Belmont, California)