Subject: Sicily
Hi Rick,

Marco has given you some great places to visit in Sicily. I was there in 1996 on a two month trip to the islands of Italy. We took the train to Sicily and then busses between the towns. It was much easier than renting a car. We never had a problem with parking. And the bus stations were always near the best part of city--Ortigia in Siracusa, on the main piazza of the modern city of Agrigento, right beside the pedestrian center in Taormina--where we could get some great rooms economically. We visited five of the Aoelian Islands off the coast of Sicily. Our favorite was Stromboli which we climbed on the 4th of July and celebrated it with nature's fireworks. The whole island of Stromboli is an active volcano.

I also recommend Trapani and the fabulous hilltown of Erice, which claims to be the oldest town in Europe.

Sandy Robert New Orleans