Subject: Re: Boston
Michele, My wife and I visited Boston last May. I used ( and ended up with a room at the Sheraton Back Bay Towers for $80 plus taxes. In using their service one can't specify the hotel, but instead, the general area and the general quality. I specified a 3-star and made my bid of $80 per night and it was accepted within one hour. Since then we've used their service twice for hotels in San Francisco and have secured lodging in nice boutique hotels in the Union Square area for $65/night. So far we've been very pleased with their service. I'm looking at a map of the T(subway) in my Boston Access book and it looks like the Green Line runs out to Boston College in Newton. I'd say it probably makes it through Brookline as well. Perhaps our resident Bostonian, Pat DeCuir, can confirm this.

John Rule San Diego, CA