Subject: Re: Lake Louise
We were there two years ago in January for a ski trip. One of the oddest things I've ever seen were the wild elk walking through the streets of Banff. I mean full grown 7 to 8 hundred pound bull elk ambling down the sidewalk paying no attention to people or cars. The town sits in the National Park and the elk, which have been protected for years and subsequently lost their fear of humans, make their way down from the higher elevations to winter along the Bow River alongside which is the town of Banff. According to the locals it can be troublesome. Especially when some fool tourist doesn't respect the fact that they are wild animals and tries to get too close. I'm not sure that they will have made it into town by October but undoubtedly you'll see plenty of wildlife. Banff is the only place I've ever seen a wolf in the wild.

John Rule San Diego, CA