Subject: Re: Germany in October
Hi! Just read your e-mail about Germany. My wife and I went to Octoberfest 3 yrs. ago and will not go back. The crowds are tremendous, many tourists, a lot of American college students, people falling down drunk in front of us. Ambulances making there way through the crowds. My wife is somewhat claustrophobic and she began to freak out We were unable to get into the beerhalls due to crowding. We had to follow the crowd as it was difficult to get by them. The food was very good and it was an experience, that perhaps has to be experienced, but not by us again. we wound up in the bars several blocks away watching the crowds in comfort. The hotel we had been staying in raised its rates for Octoberfest and many of the guests were noisy. It was a decent hotel also, as we stayed there prior to leaving Munich and then returning for Octoberfest. Other nice cities to visit in the area are Wurzburg and Beyreuth, especially the former. We have been to Germany about 6 times and have enjoyed it wherever. Enjoy alan