Subject: Victoria and Vancouver Island
Hi Lyn, Well, older means 67 and we did Tanzania 4 years ago and we are about to venture off to 105 days with the University of Pittsburgh for Semester at Sea. if you want a look at it.

I guess chnaging our habits, especially with individual travel, means we do not eat out at night very much as meals are served too late and are too abundant most of the time.

We have a couple of places that we return to time and time again just because we love them--a certain spot in the Berner Oberland and for that look at the Switzerland travelogues at and look for Wengen.

We just returned from Victoria--our second trip. The first time we stayed at the Ramada Inn and it is called the Manor something--I'll check the name--and we did break down and eat there for supper. Good and not over priced. One of our lunch meals at the Post Hotel (one and only) was $25 pp with no wine. Those are CD, but after you add that tax, we never count the discount in currency.

Next year we plan 2 cruises on small ships--a waterways Tulip Trip in Holland and Belkgium and the Coastal Steamer in Norway in August--to get out of the SC heat. We often leave SC in the summer just to be cool. We were in Alaska 2 weeks ago when it was 100 here :)))).

I guess, also by being older we are less likely to enjoy shared bathrooms and packing and unpacking every day, and long car trips, and bus tours. We will be doing a bunch of the latter on SaS, but that's the price you pay for this trip which we have planned for, for 2 years, now.

My high school friend and college roomate lives in Richardson. they are Barbara and Howard Buchanan.

In overall summary--I guess being older means that I can wear my dresses as long as I want, do what we want, and stay home from what we want--and that is mostly me staying home when it does not suit me to go. It also means we can eat chinese pea pods at $3 a pound as all we need are 14 of them and it means that I don't carefully save leftovers for the soup pot. As you can tell, a bit of the early-on thriftiness still creeps in.

Now I must go and take a shower as we are going out in 30 minutes and I am goinf to wear one of my new linen dresses that hits me at the ankles that I bought yesterday and kind of shortened today as no one around here sews to suit me.