Subject: Milan and area
Hi Edmond I am not very familiar with Milano but one thing I know,: only a few miles S of Milano , going South on A7 , there is the wonderful and worth a trip Pavia carthusian Monastery. (Certosa di Pavia, in Italian), lavishly built in the XV century , this splendid monastery is one of the finest buildings in Italy.

2) I am in the same boat as you are, the airports of Milano are Linate and Malpensa , this last one is 45 kms from your hotel ( which by the way is Beautiful and with a fantastic location) a taxi is expensive over 100.000 lire, ....there must be many simple less expensive ways and I would like to know also which one is better to replace the expensive taxi, so I hope some one gives you and me the information....keep my fingers cross.

3) From Milano there are many possibilities to visit the beautiful Lake Region. I feel the best is to rent a car and buy a good book like Karen Brown 's Italy Charming Inns and Itineraries. The one difficulty I see is that driving in and out of Milano is not a pleasant task but I am sure there are many solutions to this incovenient that the concierge can explain to you.

Good luck.