Subject: Re: Milan
Hi Edmund,

>1) How far away from the city is Milan's MXP airport

It is far about 45 km.

>2) If I we were to take a bus from the airport to the Four Seasons on via
>Gesu 8, how do I do it/how long will it cost/will it be difficult?

>From Airport you could take a train (Malpensa Express), it arrive in the heart of Milan: in Cadorna Square (close the Sforzesco Castle). It is the fastest way to go to Milan from Malpensa. It cost 15.000 lire (about 8 USD) but if you have got an Alitalia ticket, the shuttle if free for you! From Malpensa there are other way to go to Milan: a bus and a combination bus + train but I don't know the price. My suggest is to use Malpensa Express train. To go to Via Gesu' from Piazza Cadorna, you could take underground (line 1) to San Babila station then walk for about 400 mt. Definitively, it will be not difficult!

>3) Is it possible to do the lakeside towns (Como, Riva Del Garda) and
>Switzerland's border town (if there is such a thing) as a day trip?

Along the Como lake there are many beautiful town, so that if you wont visit all beautiful town, you can not able to do this in one day trip. By the train you will can go to Como lake and Garda lake in a very simple and fast way from Milan.

>4) Any additional information that we should take note of. We have 4 night
>(and 3 full days) in Milan

I agree with Joanne about Certosa di Pavia. Other day trip are to Maggiore lake (visit Borromee Islands, Stresa, and Arona), Bergamo (50 km eats from Milano by train), Mantova (140 km south-east by train - there are a nice church and 2 wonderful Ducal Palaces).

I live close to Milan (15 km west), so, if you need other info, please send me a mail. BTW, when are you planning visit Milan ? I know that other traveller are visiting Milan in the next month, may be possible organize a gtg, aren't you ??

Ciao, Marco in Milan.