Subject: Re: Germany in October
Hi Alan,

It is too bad about Octoberfest. My husband was there in 1956 and it was wonderful, her said. We have friends who stayed in Garmish just this last May and they remained there an extra day just to go to a festival. They left after 15 minutes as so many of the yourh were drunk and the music was Hard Rock. Their landlady, later, told them that, that is the way it is these days.

For the inquirer of small towns in Germany, we like Diedesheim and Dinklesbuhl--though I don't have my map handy and not sure of the location of the latter as far as the Romantic Road goes. I know Diedesheim is south of Frankfurt. There are so many beautiful small towns and villages that it is hard to recommend anything.

Gretchen from South Carolina