Subject: Questions about Milan
I was prepared to answer the SJ's (SJ )question raised about getting from Malpensa airport to downtown Milan by suggesting the shuttle bus. We have either arrived or departed Malpensa on four trips and have used it every time. It lets you off at the side of the Central Station and basically operates on a nonstop basis (as soon as one bus fills up, the next one seems to pull up immediately). It is also inexpensive. The only problem may be getting from the Central Station to where you are going since Milan is not a particularly compact city. However, there is a metro stop there (there is also an excellent supermarket if you need to pick up a few things)

However, I was most interested to read Marco De Angeli's comment (anyone interested in advice about Milan should listen to both Marco and Simone Riela) that there was also train service from Malpensa to Milan. How often does it go? Has it been in service long or is this something that was added as part of the recent expansion of Malpensa? I had never heard of it and am delighted that SJ asked the question. Note that the point of arrival (Cadorna Square) is also good. There is a Metro stop there just as there is at the Central Station, but one location may be better than the other for particular tourists.

I am not sure whether SJ's question about taking a day trip to the Lake District referred to seeing a single lake, which is quite possible, or seeing the entire area, which, as Sandy Watkins points out, is not. We got back in early June from our latest trip. We took a day trip from Milan to Como. I think the travel time was less than an hour, but you have to add about a 1-1.5 km walk from the train station to the lake or take a taxi. When you are there, don't let private boat operators hustle you into an overpriced tour. There is a boat taxi service that provides an hour trip around the lake very inexpensively. Bring a camera--it is spectacular. There is also a funicular which, in retrospect, I wish we had stayed to take.

Ira H. Bernstein