Subject: hasta luego...
Hello Tziners... I am about to unsubscribe in Juneau, Alaska, but will hook up with you all again in a couple of weeks from Bolivia!

Does anyone know who I should call to try and get a waiver from American Airlines to their no cargo of pets in the summer. This little bit of information has put a major crease in my forehead.

Once I had cleared all the traveling requirements for my 16 year old cat and cleared her through the Bolivian Consulate and Alaska Airlines, I have just found out (because, regretfully, I hadn't even acknowledged its possibility) that American Airlines, and most other airlines, they say, do not fly pets anywhere during the summer months through Sept. 15... because it would be too hot for them. But I can't even carry her in the cabin with me (which was always my intention... it's done often, with a special kitty carrier and was told that was what I could do) because cats must urinate. However, on my way to Miami I have no flights longer that 3 hours. The long flight is from Miami to La Paz, Bolivia (again American Airlines) but I would be quite happy to starve my kitty for one day to greatly increase the odds for an uneventful trip!

I received this info from the AA 800 number person in command.

I love this cat!

Is a waiver possible? I'm hoping anything and everything is possible if I find the right people to help me. Can anyone please help?

Hoping to hear from someone!

Carol in Juneau