Subject: Re: Questions about Milan
Hello Ira,

Yes Ira, there is a train service (named Malpensa Express) from Malpensa to Milan. When you went in Milan last times you used the bus shuttle because the train started just last June because the expansion of Malpensa! The bus shuttle still works. It leave from Malpensa every half an hour and it spend 40-45 minute to go to Milan. The service starts at 6.30 am and last train leaves at 1.30 am. The ticket is 15000 lire (about 8 USD) for one way and 20000 lire (about 11 USD) return. For Alitalia ticket holder M.E. is free!!! You will know more if you visit the Malpensa Express official site at the following address:

In Piazza Cadorna, where is the city train terminal just in the heart of Milan in the downtown, there are two tube lines (1 and 2) so that it is well linked with the other part of the city. N.B. Ira, I know that the last information are well know from you. I write these not for you but for other Travelzine.

There are two way (two company) to go from Milan to Como by train: with Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) railway or by Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) railway. The first one (FS) train station is far from the lake but the second one (FNM) train station is very close to the lake. Ira may be you went by FS. FNM train leave from Milan at Piazza Cadorna Station (the same of the Malpensa Express city terminal !!).

Marco in Milan (Italy).