Subject: Re: [Fwd: New Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam - A report]
I thank Jack for his wonderfull description of the Van Gogh Museum. He could not have done any better. I also visited it earlier this week, together with my sister in law that was visiting us from Argentina. Both for her and for myself it was a very emotional visit, almost spiritual. For her because it was her first time to see such a collection of the works of her lifetime favourite painter. For me, having visited the museum about a dozen times before and thus quite familiar with the paintings, because of the wonderfull atmosphere the old building now offers, and especially the new wing. It is quite amazing to see how two seperate buildings from different eras, built by two different architect have been integrated so beautifully, especially considering the fact that the part built by Gerrit Rietveld has all square shapes, and the Kisho Kurokawa all oval ones. Bordering the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum, the Museumplein (Museumsquare) is also now reaching the finish of its renovation. What once looked like an unused soccerfield in the middle of the city, crossed in the middle by a wide street is slowly starting to look like a square with a grandeur sofar unknown to Amsterdam. If it turns out to be want I expect, the whole Museumplein area, including the museums, could easily take in a whole day on any travel itinerary visiting Amsterdam.

Adrie Boerefijn Amsterdam