Subject: Re: restaurants in Victoria
In reply to the above message, my husband and I have enjoyed eating at the following restaurants in Victoria:

For Japanese food, the Yokohama on Blanshard St. (downtown) For Chinese food, the Szechuan on Balmoral (near the arena but outside the main centre) and Don Mee's in Chinatown (Fisgard St.) for dim sum. The Thai restaurant on Government St. (can't remember the name). Village's Restaurant for Greek/Italian type food. They now have two; one is near Elk Lake (6 miles north of city centre) and they have just opened one downtown. Among Friends, which is a small restaurant with a limited menu near the Jubilee Hospital and so out of town (you need a reservation for this place).

I personally don't think any of the above are as good as some of the restaurants we have eaten at in Vancouver (and, of course, abroad).

I am afraid we don't eat out a great deal when we are at home so you will probably get better recommendations for restaurants from visitors to Victoria. There are a couple of starred restaurants in the area. We have never eaten at the Aerie, which is off the highway north to Duncan. We did eat last year at the Sooke Harbour House, and found it overpriced, but the setting is beautiful.

I hope this helps. We would be happy to meet with any Ziners coming to Victoria this summer.

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC