Subject: Train Reservations &Sleeper Cars
Hi Everyone,

I will be in Europe in September, flying into Amsterdam in the morning and leaving that evening for Rome. I will be using some sort of Eurailpass, Europass, etc. and want to reserve a sleeper car for 3 people. (I think the Second Class sleepers accomdate up to 4 people). My questions are:

1. How does one go about reserving a sleeper from North America? Since I will have such little time in Amsterdam and I want to be sure of getting a sleeper.

2. Does anyone know how much a sleeper costs? Since I will have a railpass I just need to know how much extra a sleeper would be.

3. If a sleeper accomodates 4 people but there are only 3 of us travelling, is the 4th spot filled by a stranger?

Thanks for your help.

Randy Vancouver, BC Canada