Subject: Re: Amsterdam [Fwd: Recent changes to the Anne Frank House]
Ziners, As there's a current thread on Amsterdam, we're forwarding this FYI. Don&Linda

-------- Original Message -------- I had a twelve hour lay-over in Schipol recently and headed into the city for a day of touring. The biggest news is that the renovations to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam are largely completed. Travelers who have seen the place in its previous incarnation should consider another visit. (We were last there two years ago.)

The entrance to the house is in a different location and the route takes visitors through the rooms where spices were stored. In the spice storage room, there is a brief video of Miep Guies which focuses on the role of the hiders.

The rooms of the annex remain as they were.

The biggest change is in the room prior to exiting. This large hall is filled with interactive displays. One group of interactive displays focuses on related topics from the Holocaust era. The second group of interactive displays relates to the problems of stereotyping and persecution in the modern era.

Karen Selwyn