Subject: Re: Vancouver - Banff
You shouldn't have any problem with the weather - that is the most beautiful time of the year in the Rockies. The odd time you'll get a little snow (it even snowed in Alberta when I was there two weeks ago) but .... that's definitely not the norm.

If you get a chance (and you enjoy hiking), find a map of the hiking Trails of the Lake Louise area and go up to Larch Valley (I seem to remember it being on one of the trails just above Moraine Lake but don't trust my memory) - it's a beautiful and rare sight to see evergreens that actually turn golden.

I have to add to all the super advice you got re. Lake Louise and suggest that you go to Emerald Lake which is just near Field in BC (about 1/2 hour away from L.Louise). It is my favourite Lake in the area - much smaller than Louise and a little less crowded. The Lodge has fabulous food if you feel like splurging and stay for a meal. An even bigger splurge would be to stay overnight - the rooms are really a very special treat (but very expensive at that time of year). But - a peaceful (relatively short) walk all around the lake costs nothing and used to be a favourite of mine when I lived in Calgary.

Sounds like a great trip - I'm sure you'll enjoy that extra special Western Canadian hospitality.

Judy in Hong Kong