Subject: Re: The bus tour experience
Hi Diane, I have been on bus tours too :). My first trip to Europe, way back when I was 22, with my mom, we were on a Globus tour and we did 5 countries in 7 weeks (pretty indepth)and it was great fun, we didn't have to think about where we were, we just absorbed everything! after that trip, we went on to explore Europe on our own. My mom has been at least 20 times since then and she is a great adventurer now, would never think of taking a tour. I took my husband (who spends his time in a car driving all day long) on a nice tour all over Europe and again, we just absorbed everything (I had read at least 20 books on Art and History) because we didn't have to worry about getting ourselves around each city. We were relaxed and had a blast, I can really appreciate bus tours :) and ours was one that stayed always in city centers, so there was no problems going out on our own. That last tour was an Insight Tour, we had a nice experience so maybe you can check them out for your trip to Portugal. Amelia in Chatsworth