Subject: RE: The bus tour experience
My wife and I have traveled extensively for many years as independent travelers, with the exception of one tour (TWA) that she took to Egypt and Greece with a friend about 10 -12 years ago. Two years ago we took a TWA tour to Italy and had a perfectfly wonderful time. The guide wa wonderful (Telly), the fellow travelers were great to travel with (mostly) and we saw and did much morer than we could have ever done on our own.It was so nice that we plan on repeating the same tour again with our granddaughter in a few more years. This past month we took a CIE tour to Scotland and were disappointed but not so much that we will not tour again. CIE did not provide a Guide but rather a guide/driver who was actually a driver. He was very nice and a wonderful driver but as he freely admitted he was not a guide. I feel the CIE literature was misleading on this point and upon return did complain to them and was given a $200.00 rebate ($100 each). The TWA was better organized and allowed for much more free time both during some daytime as well as most evenings which I appreciated. We did take part in many of the additional extra activities whic we also enjoyed alot but there was absolutely no hard sale tactics for these.CIE was all inclusive with no extras available and all but one dinner provided which is convenient but somewhat restricting I felt.After experiencing most modes of travel I suspect we probably will take more tours than independent trips here on out. There's much to be said for just putting your bags outside your door, eating breakfast and then being driven to the next point on your journey!

Mike in Monroe, LA

ps. the couple who traveled with us on CIE claim they will omly bus tour from now on. They loved it!!!