Subject: Re: everybody is going somewhere
I'm usually only one trip ahead in my planning. One major trip, that is...I guess there are always 2 or 3 shorter ones brewing in my head. That's where the information gathering mentioned in a previous post comes in handy - being able to pull out all of the pertinent articles, magazines, printed posts, etc. The planning is such fun as well. By the way, John, thanks for your Budapest ideas. Budapest was a delight! We enjoyed trying the many wonderful cafes. It was quite warm, and a delicious treat was the iced coffee topped with mounds of whipped cream and chocolate shavings. We tried twice to get into your highly recommended Ruszwurm, but one evening we were too late, and another morning we were too early! Enjoyed coffee and pastry on a rainy afternoon at Angelika just before returning to Vienna. And Muvesz was a lovely spot for lunch one day - delicious food and excellent service in an elegant, beautiful, and peacefully quiet haven. Interestingly enough, we ended up at Gerbauds twice in one day-it was right there where we were when we were hungry for a pastry and coffee. That's where we had the wonderful iced coffee. The pastries were beautiful to look at, but I agree, they tasted better elsewhere. We are toying with the idea of visiting Ouray between Christmas and New Years, and are saving your restaurant hints for the area. Is it tough to drive there from Col. Springs in the winter? Thanks for your help. Anne from Virginia