Subject: Re: Istanbul
Hi Joan,

I appreciate the suggestion for the Feriye for dinner when we are in Istanbul. I am afraid it may be too cold to eat outside (November 17 arrival), but we will surely try as there is nothing better than eating outdoors whenever possible--especially along the Bosphorus. As we are arriving and leaving by ship, the airport destination may be out of reach at this time.

We have had Raki (or a close cousin), but not in Turkey as we enjoy their red wine. I have had a similar drink here in the States, dining with friends from Lebanon.

I, too, have been wondering why we have not had mezeler (thanks for the correct word) in Istanbul. Perhaps it is because we have not dined at tourist hotels as we did on the Asian part--Dedeman and Kaya in Cappadocia, Marina in Antalya, and Kismet in Kusadasi. We have had meals where mezeler was limited, but those were not our favorite meals.

Again, thanks for your help and will print your response along with others who have responded to our requests for information. We hope to have great times on the independent parts of our trip.

Gretchen from South Carolina