Subject: Re: Digest Number 135 Mountain Trains
The Glacier Express does pass through some excellent scenery, but not the best to be had by any means. And it's long as well.

Surprised to hear you consider the Furka a pass we would dare not drive over. In fact it's a great road and by no means particularly challenging. It's one of the three greatly scenic parts of the Three Pass Drive, a circle trip over the Susten, Grimsel and Furka. You can begin at either Meiringen or Andermatt. The only thing challenging, for some, is that a manual shift is the most commonly available (and least expensive) car to rent in Europe. As well, a manual is the best for mountain driving anyway.

For those who won't rent a car for whatever reason, the Swiss Post Bus service used to run a tour of the route. Their website is , though I can't find that tour presently listed. I'd inquire when you're in the area ... they used to run a pickup service from at least Grindelwald, possibly other villages in the region. They do list a _four_ pass tour covering the Susten # Grimsel # Nufenen # Gotthard.

Whether by bus or car, visitors to Switzerland owe themselves a tour of one or more of these passes ... they're just spectacular.