Subject: re: train to Italy and visiting France, Spain, Portugal
Hi all, I'm considering taking the three-hour train ride from Nice to Cuneo in Italy in Sept/October. Can anyone tell me more about Cuneo and the area I'll be travelling through? And what it's likely to cost? Also, does anyone know whether it's possible to catch a bus from Avignon to Arles (about 36km away). Has anyone cycled in this area? I'd appreciate any info - I'm going on one-month Busabout trip (hop on, hop off) with my sister, we'll be staying in hostels: Paris, Lyon, Avignon, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Lisbon, Toledo, San Sebastian, Bordeaux, Paris. I'll have plenty of info for the list when I get back! This is my first overseas trip, and I'm quite nervous. Cheers, Kirsty Cape Town