Subject: Re: Greece - GTG?
Hi Evan,

Although Greece is one of our favorite (and most frequent) destinations, we are really not island people. We've been to Kerkyra (Corfu), Kriti (Crete) and Skiathos (about which we wrote in our Greece travelogue at but that's about it for Greek islands. Good to hear that you will be visiting islands so we'll have a Greek island authority on the list when you get back. Peloponnesus is wonderful # and a great place for combining relaxation, historical and archaeological sightseeing and scenery.

Your timing is impeccable! Don and I will be in Athens 28/Sept. until 04/October and we'd love to have a GTG. Joanna, one of our Ziners, lives there - and when it comes to suggestions on where to eat, she's a champ! At the moment she may be vacationing, but she no doubt will pick up on this when she returns.

Regards, Don&Linda Toronto