Subject: Re: Mountain trains
Hi there! The Furka pass is magnificent. We drove over it last year as well as the Susten Pass. The views are incredible. The roads are narrow and there is no railing at the edges of it in some places, though they were working on them last fall. The vehicle coming down has the right of way and believe me it is narrow and you have to hug the mountain side. We stopped off at a little town there and had a bite to eat and a drink, it was cold. I took some of the best pictures I've taken but it does not do it justice. We enjoy going over passes and have done so in the Dolomites also. It is inspiring. Another way to enjoy the Mountains was to go to Chamonix and take the cable cars to the top of Mt. Blanc. To get back however, we drove from Furka Pass Rd to the St. Gotthard Massif to Lugano. The roads in Switzerland were very good. Just as an aside we stayed in Grindelwald at a chateau hotel and had a room that faced the mountains. It was so beautiful that we decide that since the room had a kitchen, we would go to the supermarket and buy our suppers there and just look out and then go for a walk downtown. It was wonderful. Alan