Subject: Re: everybody is going somewhere
Thanks, John, for your reply. Our 2 days in Budapest went all too quickly, as you can imagine. We left with a list of things we want to do and see the next time! We did not get to statue park, but it sounded very interesting. We managed to fit in as many pastries as possible, the Jewish museum and big synagogue, a bath experience at Gellert, and some good walks around bustling Pest and dreamy Buda. We got our pictures yesterday - it's always a joy to remember the beautiful sights and fun times. We're getting a scanner to go with our new computer, and when we do I'll post some of the pictures in Travelzine's shared files. If we do go to Colorado for the holidays, we'll be staying with my folks and sister in Colorado Springs, and are considering driving down to Ouray between Christmas and New Years. We'd sure enjoy getting together with you, and will keep in touch about our plans. From your recommendation, we're going to go ahead and reserve a 4 wheel drive vehicle now, since I'm sure they get snapped up quickly. Thanks, as always - it's such a pleasure to read your descriptions of particular areas and sights, as well as all your travels! And by the way, the website about your Mexico tours is great! Sounds like such fun! We took a quick trip to Cuernavaca last Valentines Day, and have been to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta in the past. Love that delicious food! Anne in Virginia